This Web Design Agreement and Non Disclosure Agreement (“Agreement”) is made on:

    by and between Vision-Grafix, hereinafter referred to as (“Company”) and

    hereinafter referred to as (“Client”).

    WHEREAS, the Client hereby wishes to engage in Company’s services and Company will provide certain app design services to Company as provided in this Agreement.

    THEREFOR IN CONSIDERATION THEREOF, all parties herein hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth below.

    1. Completed Web Design
    Designed and launched website with no more than 3 pages.

    2.  Fees and Billing Period.
    The Fees for website design services are $200.  Payment is due upfront followed by design and concept, revisions and testing and the launch stage. Hosting is $10 per month or $120 annually due 30 days from the site launch.

    Will you be hosting with Vision-Grafix?

    3. Termination. Company and Client reserve the right to terminate the hosting. Plan at any time upon 30 days’ written notice. Upon termination of services, Vision Grafix will assist with the transfer of the intact website to an alternative host with comparable services.

    4. Turn-around Time: A review of the Website will be available within 72 hours of paid invoice. Vision Grafix will deploy the completed design once approved.

    Privacy and Confidentiality: Vision Grafix will not disclose any sensitive information related to the Client to any third parties without the knowledge and permission of the appropriate representatives of the Client.

    Reservation of Rights: All rights including ownership of content created specifically for the Client are retained by the Client, including any electronic rights or usage. Vision Grafix reserves the right to use graphics created with non-sensitive information as advertisement and design portfolio.

    E-Signature Required Below